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The high movement forces caused by the different expansion behaviour during temperature fluctuations between different structures place high demands on the design and installation of durable bridge joints.

Application and processing


THORMA-JOINT® is used with great success in building construction and civil engineering for flexible expansion joints that have to absorb movements of up to 30 mm at right angles to the direction of traffic. For bridges, THORMA-JOINT® is the ideal flexible link between the adjacent road and the bridge deck.


THORMA-JOINT® process has been used successfully applied for over 30 years. Installation is carried out in clearly defined steps and only in suitable weather conditions. THORMA-JOINT® is installed according to the strict guidelines of asphaltic road construction, is comprehensively documented according to ISO 9001 and meets the strict requirements of ASTRA (Federal Road Office of Switzerland).

Technology and advantages


  • Polymer modified bitumen
  • Special hard rock chippings in cubic form within a clearly defined sieve curve
  • Non-slip cover plate to be laid over the joint gap


  • High absorption movement capacity
  • Optimum service life and resistance
  • Short traffic blockage thanks to fast loading capacity of the material
  • Length-independent installation without recesses in the concrete of the bridge slabs
  • Seamless integration into the pavement surface
  • Simple reconstruction when recreating the wear layer

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